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Petricci e Del Pianta Farm is located within the borough of Suvereto, an ancient  medioeval village, at the foot ot the hills bordering the Val di Cornia.

At the beginning of the last century, the Petricci Family of San Lorenzo planted their first wineyards, and they then subsequently acquired considerable experience in wine growing, experience which has enabled, Pietro and Marilena and their children to produce excellent wines today.
They where greatly helped in this by the expert advice and assistance of a local oenologist, Marco Stefanini.

This lovingly run farm's principal crops today are, in fact, grapes and olives. The farm extends over some 22 hectares, and is situated at 100 metres above sea-level. No irrigation is used, and the vines are trained using the "cordone speronato" technique. There are some 4.800 plants per hectare. Pesticides are only used when absolutely necessary, so as to limit the impact on the natural environment.

It's possible to buy directly our products and have guided tastings of wines and olive oil, even for groups of visitors (about 40/50 people). Under good weather conditions these tastings can held in the italian style garden in front of villa or in the proper tasting room.

Picture 1: tasting room
Picture 2 and 3 : wineyards and la Barricaia