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Grappa and Olive Oil

La Casetta

La Casetta grappa is made from carefully selected marcs obtained by pressing our grapes and then distilled with steam. The procedure used and the delicious taste of the marcs bring out the quality of this product, which is recommended for connoisseurs.

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La grappa "La Casetta"

Olio Dell'Assunta
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil
Tuscan I.G.P. (mark guaranteeing the quality and the origin of the oil)

Location: San Lorenzo Suvereto
Olive grove: 4 hectares, hilly position.

The "Leccino", "Frantoio" and "Moraiolo" olives are the cultivated varieties we use for making our extra virgin olive oil. We treat parasites on the olives with a guided-integrated process using sexual traps to capture insects, thus controlling the level of intervention. All this allows us to produce oil that is always genuine and to respect nature and the environment a little more.

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Olio dell'Assunta